2019 UTC Department of Art Juried Student Exhibition: List of Selected Works

January 08, 2019 This year’s independent Juror, artist and art educator Jill Frank chose 54 works from a total pf 121 submissions for the 2019 UTC Department of Art Juried Student Exhibition. The list of accepted works by student artist and title appear alphabetically below.

In Free Fall / Response to Hito Steyerl’s Article of the Same Name

Clayton Aldridge and Casey Kadowaki
Thanks for Taking the Time to Talk (I am as Human as You Are)

Kasandra Armstrong
Unofficial Language: Stencil
Portraits (edited by the juror)

Kirsten Barnett
Self Portrait in Living Room

Mary Buchholz

Fiona Cauley
Watch Your Step

Quin Crumb
The End
The Art of Peace

Jonathan Dean
Say Their Names: NLM

Agnes Fellner
Butt Impressions Vol. 3 (of 4 edited by the juror)

Kayla Green

Emma Hoffman
Product Replacement

Jocelyn Humphries
Orthodoxy is Unconsciousness
It feels excessive when I write It down,

Juniper Jefferies

Jules Jackson
Obliteration #3

Lilith Jackson
Nostalgia Ultra  (edited by the juror)

Madeleine Jennings

Casey Kadowaki
How Far I Got

Abby Kandrach
Fresh Gouda
Glass Half Full

Jody Koski
Long Live the Hot Air

Chris Kuchma

Brianna Litchfield
Unlimited Semiosis

Rachel Loeffler
Ambiguous Taxa of Victorian Bliss, Bourgeois, and Beauty

Hilary McWilliams
The Pink Painting
Useful Artifacts from Appalachian  (edited by the juror)

Dionna Moore
To Be

Elizabeth O’Guin
Constructed Image (edited by the juror)

Emily Ricks and Patrick Tyree
The Elevator

Ashley Prak
Psychogeography: Fragments from Home
untitled (edited by the Juror)
Hillary Potts

Manuel Jake Rico
Indirect Self Portrait (edited by the juror)

Alicia Sanders

Victoria Sauer
The Process of Forgetting
Pieces of Me for You

Rand Schille
The Social Network

Marianna Souza
Un(Avoidable) (edited by the juror)

Elisabeth Sterchi
...can’t quite put my finger on it  (edited by the Juror)

Will Sutton
Nonnie: Indirect Self Portrait
Brooke: Indirect Self Portrait

Sarah Vallarino
sometimes i get sad

Sara-Anne Waggoner
Maraschino (short film)
Artificial Light

Lauren Watson

Cameron Williams
Project 1: Skaters (edited by the Juror)

Lauren Williamson
Church of the Streets