2018 UTC Department of Art Juried Student Exhibition Juror's Selections Announced

January 09, 2018 May all who submitted entries to the 2018  UTC Department of Art Student Exhibition be commended for participating this year. It was a very difficult decision making process with many fine works in the overall pool. Congratulations everyone.
Juror Melissa Vandenberg (Artist & Associate Professor of Art, Eastern Kentucky University) selected 47 works from a total of 126 submissions. Juror's Awards will be announced and presented at the public reception following Vandenberg's Lecture, Tuesday, 5:30pm, January 23, 2018
Here is the list of accepted entries:

Abazid, Nesreen  “Animation Project: Syria”
Allen, Roderick  (Final Project – Independent Drawing)
Baker, Shelby  “Missing People”
Booker, Amanda “Collage”
Booker, Amanda “Picture Plane as Palimpsest”
Buchholz, Mary “Triangles Suspended”
Buchholz, Mary  “Every Angle”
Campbell, Katlynn  “Virgo”
Carey, Bobbie (untitled zine)
Crumb, Mirel (untitled still life)
Crumb, Mirel  “Lettuce”
Crumb, Quin (untitled from Art 1050)
Charles, Emily Marie (untitled landscapes)
Charles, Emily Marie (untitled painting & animation)
Dean, Jonathan  “Gun Control”
Fellner, Agnes  “Small Place Paintings: Lake”
Gould, Stevie  “I am not a Masterpiece but I Exist”
Hailey, Gracie  “Return”
Jackson, Lilith  “Indirect Self Portrait”
Jackson, Lilith  “Zine (Love Letter)”
Kadowaki, Casey “1.4 / Big Book”
Kadowaki, Casey “1.3 / Fear Book”
Koski, Jodi  “Kenny Rogers Roasters”
Koski, Jodi, “The Great Brandward Expansion, Colorized”
Kuchma, Chris  “Oh Yeah!”
McWilliams, Hilary  “Mementos”
McWilliams, Hilary “Ten Hours Assignment: The Body and Visual Trace”
Michael, Libby  “Project 3: The Constructed Image”
Michael, Libby  “Return” (3 of 6 prints)
Morgan, Mica  “Lights”
Paulson, Cierra  “Experiment 1 ½”
Pepper, Mary Page “O.K. – Measure Once, Cut Twice”
Phillips, Grant  “Trompe l’Oeil”
Prak, Ashley  “Zine: Natsukashi”
Ricks, Emily “Buffs”
Ricks, Emily  “50/50/50”
Sauer, Victoria “Oh, Siri…”
Shaw, April  “Hanakotoba”
Souza, Mariana  “Sealed / The Constructed Image”
Souza, Mariana  “Farewells / The Portrait”
Sterchi, Elizabeth  “Portrait Assignment: David”
Tyree, Patrick “Concrete Poetry”
Tyree, Patrick “50/50/50”
Vallarino, Sarah “Por Mi Abuela”
Vallarino, Sarah  “untitled”
Walker, Savannah  “I  < 3 Philosophy”
Waggoner, Sara Anne  “hazy”
Waggoner, Sara-Anne  “Self-Acceptance”
Zahn, India (Media 2: Final)