2016 UTC Art Juried Student Exhibition: Juror's Selections

December 28, 2015 Here is list of Juror, Vesna Pavlovic’s 55 selections for the 2016 UTC Department of Art Juried Student Exhibition. A total of 176 works were submitted for consideration.
The exhibition runs from January 12 through January 30.

Beizar Abdi: F’Ugly Babe
Shelby Baker: One Mile Straight / untitled
Sarah Beddoe: Palimpsest / untitled
Leslie Brown: Thanks for Always Believing in Me
Bonnie Buffington & Stephanie Loggans: Pullman Translated
Lawrence Chien: Pedestals
Andrew Choyce: Stolen Breath: Recapture
Brooke Craig: Patient 4015
Mirel Crumb: Collateral
Jarrett Curtis: Value Study / Still Life
Anne Daniels: #2
Amy Devan, John Le, & Athene Ruiz: / laNG-gwij /
Amy Devan, John Le, Athene Ruiz, & Buddy Simpson: Venture
Lydia Fogo: Communication, When It Happens
Lydia Fogo: (mixed media on paper) 
Megan Foster: Quixotic Prints
Sydney Gautier: Final Project / untitled
Sarah Gibson: Wings + Eye
Emaleigh Grantz: Anxiety
Emaleigh Grantz: Anxiety
Kylie Gunter: Oulipo Project / “Perfection Truly”
Erin Hall: Measure of Pros and Cons
Skylar Helmholtz: Spirit Portrait / Self-Portrait
Leah Hoffman: untitled
Juniper Jeffries: Accordian Book / untitled
Taylor Jones: Negative Space Project
Stephanie Loggans:  Vessel
Stephanie Loggans:  Self-Portrait
John Le: Central Park
John Le: Analogical Thinking
Rachel Loeffter: Human Figure Project / Caroline
Jessica Lowe: Oulipo Project / untitled
Jessica Lowe: Psycho-Geographic Map
Hayley Martin: Presque Vu
Austin McDougal: A Likeness / Creative Ecstasy
Leah A. Miller: Accordian Book / Abstract
Caleb Moore: Book Cover /  Fables
Mica Morgan: A Likeness / The Figure, Final
Stephen Nemecek: Belles of the Ball
Kara Patrick: Field Notebooks 001 – 003
Chris Pickering: Cages
Dylan Poe: Parasite I
Andie Qualls: DRAG
Marlee Robinson: Four Mile Walk / untitled
Krista Rowland: INTERACT
Athene Ruiz: Seed-A-Venus
Kaylee Sheldon: Pils-Ssom Toile to Elliot Moss-Slip
Liberty Smith: Life, Death, Cycle
Anji Stiles: Oulipo Project / untitled
Shelby Turner: Recipe #1
Patrick Tyree: Indirect Self-Portrait
Savannah Walker: Re-Structure of Human Form / Slack
Savannah Walker: Putting it All Together / One
James Clayton Welsh: One Mile Straight / Irony Among Trash
James Clayton Welsh: Design Essentials / Pictographic Symbols